November 28, 2015

Local Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Many small business are struggling these days with their marketing efforts. Old school advertising strategies can only go so far and unless a small business adjusts their marketing efforts, they will lose out to the new advertising channels created by Internet-enabled phones and the Internet itself. But most small businesses have limited resources in regards to sales and marketing and while a business owner is used to wear many hats, learning the more difficult marketing strategies required to succeed on the Internet is almost impossible. If you talk to a business owner about Google Quality Score, A/B Split testing, Web Analytics, Pay Per Click advertising, or Facebook advertising you often lose them because they do not understand the lingo or have problems keeping up with those things already.

Then service providers entered the market offering to manage the online pay per click marketing efforts for a fee. However, the risk still stays with the small business. These service providers take 10% of the marketing budget in fees alone without providing any sort guarantees. Small businesses are at the mercy of these providers and need to trust them a lot. [Read more…]